Providing a safe hockey experience for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

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Some comments from our player parents regarding changes in their children due to Special Hockey.


"Hockey has brought him great joy and confidence!"

"Motor development, social skill & overall fantastic experience"

"Being part of a team and joining in things that typical young adults enjoy."

"Making connections! Just talking with other kids is a win!"

"Has gained great confidence!"

"Making friends, challenging himself, trying something new he was afraid of earlier"

"More ambitious physically, trying other new things"

"Enthusiasm for activity and sense of belonging.  Positive self-image"

"Friendships are #1!"

"Boosted self confidence & self esteem.  Developed a team mentality!"

"Tremendous pride in being a hockey player and many friends on the team"

"Confidence to take leadership roles for younger players"

"So much confidence.  Developed real friendships"

"Made good friends and has become more social"

"Developed much more self-control over the years"

"Self confidence, socialization, friendships, fitness, time management skills, independence, decision making, responsibility and accountability!"

"Has learned/applied team building skills!"

"Confidence, team spirit & friendships"

"Greater self confidence and sense of belonging"

"Improved endurance and strength"