Providing a safe hockey experience for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

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by posted 09/14/2020



September 14, 2020



Dear Storm Families,


Welcome to Storm’s 14th Season!  Please read this in its entirety, as there is a lot of new information included.  A printable copy can be found on the documents page.


Welcome back, and Welcome new players!  This has been a trying 2020 to be sure, but we remain hopeful we will be back to normal soon.  Although there are and will be some challenges, we are happy to be able to have Hockey this season.  We have some safety protocols in order; please bear with us as we all navigate our new (temporary I hope) normal.   


We look forward to starting on time on October 4, 2020.




*Players must come to the rink with a mask on, and fully dressed for hockey. Skates may be put on in the rink at this time.

*Temperatures will be taken at the Rink front door. 

*Proceed directly to our rink.  Practice good social distancing and do not remove your players mask until she/he puts their helmet on.

*There will be no use of locker rooms.

*Coaches and mentors, as well as all parents/guardians must wear a mask at all times.

*More safety protocols can be found on  Please become familiar with the rules.  Storm parents will be allowed more than one parent/guardian, but please, no guests at this time.


We are looking into face shields, but at this time, they are backordered.




Registration has changed.  Our Storm Registration and Fee has remained the same.  I do need a Storm form for everyone on the ice, including coaches and assistants. 


American Special Hockey has launched a brand new and improved web site, and Player/Insurance registrations for ASHA will be done on this new site.



Every player/volunteer/coach must be registered here.


Follow the prompts to sign up and register.  Those players over 18 will also find a waiver.


Volunteers/Mentors & Coaches over 18 years old will be asked for proof of current Background Checks/Safety training.  Have your file ready to upload if you have it. 


Please send your Storm Registration and payment in to me. I prefer to have these via mail or dropped off.  Notify me if you are having trouble registering with ASHA. 


I must have your Storm Registration prior to September 25. There will be no exceptions, and no access to the ice if I don’t have it by this date.  After that date, you will have to wait until the next weekend to attend.





We are required to take attendance each week by the State. 

Please, for our staff planning needs, when you receive your reminders via email, you must respond. 

We will have a sign in sheet at the rink as well.





This is by Appointment, masks required.

Contact Coach John M at        to schedule an appointment.

Norwalk Self Storage

25 New Canaan Ave

Norwalk, CT 06851

5th Floor



Registration forms can be found on our web page  on the documents page.


Keep an eye on our website as well as our Facebook page for additional or changing information.


 Contact me with questions.


For now, we have not scheduled any games or tournaments, hopefully that will change.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated!


We look so forward to seeing you all! We at Storm, have missed you all!


Debbie McQuilkin

Program Director


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*NEW Locker Room Policy
by posted 10/06/2019


Southern Connecticut Storm Special Hockey’s Locker Room Policy


In addition to the development of our hockey players and enjoyment of the sport of hockey, the safety and protection of our participants is central to Southern Ct Storm’s Hockey’s goals. Southern Connecticut Storm Hockey adheres to USA Hockey’s SafeSport Program as a means to help protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, including emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing.


To help prevent abuse or misconduct from occurring in our locker rooms, Southern Connecticut Storm Hockey has adopted the following locker room policy. This policy is designed to reduce the risk of misconduct in locker rooms.


Locker Room Monitoring

Southern Connecticut Storm Hockey requires direct and regular monitoring of locker room areas.  Prior to and at the end of practices and games, Southern Connecticut Storm Hockey requires an adult presence in the locker room.  The head coach, assistant coach, or screened parent volunteer must be present in the locker room before practices and games and accompany the team into the locker room at the end of practices and games. 


Parents in Locker Rooms

Players who’s disabilities require parent assistance, parents must have background checks and Safe-Sport training in order to enter locker rooms. If a player needs assistance with his or her uniform or gear, if the player is or may be injured, or a player’s disability warrants assistance, then we require that parents submit to a background check and Safe Sport training.


Naturally, with our youngest age groups it is necessary for parents to assist the players getting dressed. We encourage parents to teach their players as young as possible how to get dressed so that players will learn as early as possible how to get dressed independently. In circumstances where parents are permitted in the locker room, coaches are permitted to ask that the parents leave for a short time before the game and for a short time after the game so that the coaches may address the players. As players get older, the coach may in his or her discretion prohibit parents from a locker room.


Co-ed Locker Rooms

The Co-ed Locker Room policy attempts to balance the social integration and camaraderie of a team sport while providing a safe and respectful environment for all of our participants.


All players should be required to arrive at the rink wearing their hockey base layers or shorts and t-shirts (in good condition - no holes or tears in clothing) under their street clothes. All members of the team must have this minimum attire before entering a co-ed locker room so that no player of one gender has the opportunity to see players of the opposite gender in a state of dress/undress.


Cell Phones and Other Mobile Recording Devices

Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras, are not permitted for use in the locker rooms.  Parents should instruct and coaches will remind players to POWER OFF cell phones before entering the locker room.  If phones or other mobile devices must be used, they should be used in public areas or outside the rink.  A violation of the cell phone policy may result in disciplinary action by the board, which may include suspension from hockey activities.


Prohibited Conduct and Reporting

Southern Connecticut Storm Hockey prohibits all types of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, threats, harassment and hazing, all as described in the USA Hockey SafeSport Handbook. Participants, employees or volunteers in Southern Connecticut Storm Hockey may be subject to disciplinary action for violation of these locker room policies or for engaging in any misconduct or abuse or that violates the USA Hockey SafeSport Policies.


To report any actual or suspected violations, you may email Debbie McQuilkin at or

call 203-554-2752. 



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Registration Now Open
by posted 08/12/2019



Season 13 Registrations are now open. 


Returning players, please update your information on the American Special Hockey Website and then fill out our 2019-2020 Storm Registration Form. Please return form and fee at the address provided on the form, by September 1, 2019.


New players,  please contact Director, Debbie McQuilkin at for information.  All new players must be registered prior to beginning.  


See you all soon! Stay tuned for our upcoming season information.




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Sometimes, on an ordinary day, a life changes.
by Debbie McQuilkin posted 02/01/2019

Thank You Chris Kreider, NYRangers ❤️
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